Regeneration of the Recent Past

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Regeneration of the Recent Past

International researching & teaching experience

a cura di Pier Antonio Val

To regenerate the recent past and build on existing buildings: these are the issues of the present. What this book presents is first and foremost an effort to foster a critical debate at the international level, based on the organization of an experimental design experience to take place simultaneously in various architecture schools in Europe and beyond, connected “online” thanks to the opportunities provided by contemporary computer technology (Skype, Wiki and Google Drive). The goal is to share a concrete experience, exploring themes and sites in common, to verify whether this can help to delineate and orient a transformation in research and “architectural education” in the light of a profoundly changed context. The intention is to show how the articulated sequence, exploring the same issues in different areas such as New York, Venice, Paris, Marseilles and Seville, can reveal a constellation of possibilities, even when approached from different perspectives.

  • titolo Regeneration of the Recent Past
  • sottotitolo International researching & teaching experience
  • curatore Pier Antonio Val
  • collana INReTe
  • anno 2021
  • isbn 9788832050998
  • formato cm 16,8x24
  • pagine 200
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  • lingua inglese
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